Tink 🔴
Tink 🔴

Tink 🔴

10" x 8"

Where do I start?? This is the painting that started the whole magical journey to become a licensed Disney Fine Artist™.

When I first sat down to create my pitch piece to Disney Fine Art™, I knew right away that it had to feature Tinkerbell. When I was 5, I was fortunate to have our parents take us to Disneyland. Though I don’t remember a lot of the trip, I will never forget seeing the fireworks at Sleeping Beauty’s castle and then Tinkerbell come flying through the air. At that time, I was still young enough to believe she was real. To this very day, she is still my most favourite of all Disney™ characters. It was with pure joy that I created her. Every ounce of pixie dust and love went into her.

It was one of the most exciting phone calls that I have ever had in my art career when I was told that Michael Young, the owner of the Disney Fine Art™ program, that they loved my work. Thank you Tink… you still are magical to me!



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