About Denyse

At the age of 8, Denyse Klette announced to her parents and the world that she should quite school and become an artist since that is what she knew she would be. Although she smiles at this memory, she was serious about her art at that early age and has never wavered from this career choice for more than 40 years.

Today, Denyse’s art work is represented in three countries and is featured prominently
in galleries, hotels, corporate and private collections around the world. Her artwork has been highly licensed for home decor products, beachwear, bags, puzzles, playing cards, to name just a few.


Denyse co-created Belly Button Buddies; which grew from a series of award-winning books to a children’s TV show that aired in Canada and the UK. Denyse has illustrated The Get A Bigger Wagon collection and the covers for other young reader books.

Denyse signed with St Martin’s Press (Macmillan Publishing) for a series of whimsical adult colouring books: Faires in Dreamland, Mermaids in Paradise and Gnomes in the Neighborhood.