What is a Giclée?
Giclees are fine art reproductions with enhanced collectability. Unlike originals, giclees can be scaled down in size to fit the wall you've chosen to hang your artwork. Giclees are limited editions, signed by me and are available with or without framing. At times I offer 'artist enhanced' giclèe's which is where I hand paint in extra onto the canvas. This can be something special to the collector. Matted paper prints are not numbered or retouched. I do sign each one though.

Where Can I buy your original artwork?
My originals are available exclusively through the galleries that represent me. Please check GALLERIES to find a location near you. If you are not located near a gallery, don't worry, call or email us and we will direct you to one that can help.

Where Can I Buy Your Prints and Giftware?
Prints and giftware can be purchased through my website and at selected galleries. 

Giftware....And Other Cool Stuff
I have licensed my art with several companies. You will find them in my SHOP page. Please note that most of them are limited in production and only available until stock runs out. Check back often as I am always adding new items. 

Do I Do Commissions?
Yes absolutely. Please contact me at dklette@sasktel.net for all the info. I no longer do formal portraits. 

Can I Come To Your Studio To Pick Up Art or Watch You Create?
At times works I am creating in my local gallery where I am more than happy to visit and chat with you but my studio is in my home that I share with my family so this creates a need for privacy. My deadlines also keep me on a strict schedule so 8-10 hours a day are dedicated only to creating.